Software Development Kit

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is part of the code base and will be built along with the engine. The engine is a set of static libraries you link into your application. The SDK is a set of file you will need in order to develop software with the engine

  • Headers needed by applications integrating the engine
    • Located in the build/install/include directory
  • Library files to link your application against
    • Located in the build/install/lib directory

Along with these files, there is a separate executable project that provides examples of using the engine. There are sample C++ methods as well as Java methods that can be compiled and executed to demonstrate how to use the API. To execute the C++ examples, simply run the HowTo project from the bin directory. Each cpp and java file is well-commented and should help explain how and why one would exercise functionality.

The engine functionality is exposed via the Physiology Engine Interface.
All data necessary to interact with the engine is via Common Data Model and Software Framework classes.