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PulseAnesthesiaMachine Class Referenceabstract

#include <PulsePhysiologySystems.h>

Inherits SEAnesthesiaMachine, and PulseSystem.

Inherited by AnesthesiaMachine.

Public Member Functions

 PulseAnesthesiaMachine (Logger *logger)
virtual ~PulseAnesthesiaMachine ()=default
virtual const SEScalarGetScalar (const std::string &name) override
virtual void ComputeExposedModelParameters ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEAnesthesiaMachine
 SEAnesthesiaMachine (Logger *logger)
virtual ~SEAnesthesiaMachine ()
virtual void Clear ()
bool SerializeToString (std::string &output, SerializationFormat m) const
bool SerializeToFile (const std::string &filename) const
bool SerializeFromString (const std::string &src, SerializationFormat m, const SESubstanceManager &subMgr)
bool SerializeFromFile (const std::string &filename, const SESubstanceManager &subMgr)
virtual eAnesthesiaMachine_Connection GetConnection () const
virtual void SetConnection (eAnesthesiaMachine_Connection c)
virtual bool HasInletFlow () const
virtual SEScalarVolumePerTimeGetInletFlow ()
virtual double GetInletFlow (const VolumePerTimeUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasInspiratoryExpiratoryRatio () const
virtual SEScalarGetInspiratoryExpiratoryRatio ()
virtual double GetInspiratoryExpiratoryRatio () const
virtual bool HasOxygenFraction () const
virtual SEScalar0To1GetOxygenFraction ()
virtual double GetOxygenFraction () const
virtual eAnesthesiaMachine_OxygenSource GetOxygenSource () const
virtual void SetOxygenSource (eAnesthesiaMachine_OxygenSource name)
virtual bool HasPositiveEndExpiredPressure () const
virtual SEScalarPressureGetPositiveEndExpiredPressure ()
virtual double GetPositiveEndExpiredPressure (const PressureUnit &unit) const
virtual eAnesthesiaMachine_PrimaryGas GetPrimaryGas () const
virtual void SetPrimaryGas (eAnesthesiaMachine_PrimaryGas name)
virtual bool HasRespiratoryRate () const
virtual SEScalarFrequencyGetRespiratoryRate ()
virtual double GetRespiratoryRate (const FrequencyUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasReliefValvePressure () const
virtual SEScalarPressureGetReliefValvePressure ()
virtual double GetReliefValvePressure (const PressureUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasPeakInspiratoryPressure () const
virtual SEScalarPressureGetPeakInspiratoryPressure ()
virtual double GetPeakInspiratoryPressure (const PressureUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLeftChamber () const
virtual SEAnesthesiaMachineChamberGetLeftChamber ()
virtual const SEAnesthesiaMachineChamberGetLeftChamber () const
virtual void RemoveLeftChamber ()
virtual bool HasRightChamber () const
virtual SEAnesthesiaMachineChamberGetRightChamber ()
virtual const SEAnesthesiaMachineChamberGetRightChamber () const
virtual void RemoveRightChamber ()
virtual bool HasOxygenBottleOne () const
virtual SEAnesthesiaMachineOxygenBottleGetOxygenBottleOne ()
virtual const SEAnesthesiaMachineOxygenBottleGetOxygenBottleOne () const
virtual void RemoveOxygenBottleOne ()
virtual bool HasOxygenBottleTwo () const
virtual SEAnesthesiaMachineOxygenBottleGetOxygenBottleTwo ()
virtual const SEAnesthesiaMachineOxygenBottleGetOxygenBottleTwo () const
virtual void RemoveOxygenBottleTwo ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEEquipment
 SEEquipment (Logger *logger)
virtual ~SEEquipment ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SESystem
 SESystem (Logger *logger)
virtual ~SESystem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loggable
 Loggable (Logger *logger=nullptr)
 Loggable (std::string const &logfile)
virtual ~Loggable ()
virtual LoggerGetLogger () const
virtual void SetLogger (Logger &logger)
virtual void Debug (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Debug (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Debug (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (const std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Warning (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Warning (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Warning (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Error (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Error (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Error (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Fatal (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Fatal (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Fatal (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
std::string to_string (int i)
std::string to_string (unsigned int i)
std::string to_string (size_t t)
std::string to_string (float f)
std::string to_string (double d)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SESystem
static const SEScalarGetScalar (const std::string &name, std::vector< SESystem *> *systems)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Loggable
static const std::string empty
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SEAnesthesiaMachine
virtual void StateChange ()
virtual void Merge (const SEAnesthesiaMachine &from, SESubstanceManager &subMgr)
virtual void ProcessConfiguration (SEAnesthesiaMachineConfiguration &config, SESubstanceManager &subMgr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PulseSystem
virtual void Initialize ()
  • Default system values to their homeostatic values
virtual void SetUp ()=0
virtual void AtSteadyState ()=0
 Notify systems that steady state has been achieved. More...
virtual void PreProcess ()=0
virtual void Process (bool solve_and_transport=true)=0
virtual void PostProcess (bool solve_and_transport=true)=0
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEAnesthesiaMachine
friend SEAnesthesiaMachineConfiguration
eAnesthesiaMachine_Connection m_Connection
eAnesthesiaMachine_OxygenSource m_OxygenSource
eAnesthesiaMachine_PrimaryGas m_PrimaryGas
- Protected Attributes inherited from SESystem
std::stringstream m_ss
- Protected Attributes inherited from Loggable
bool myLogger

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PulseAnesthesiaMachine()

PulseAnesthesiaMachine::PulseAnesthesiaMachine ( Logger logger)

◆ ~PulseAnesthesiaMachine()

virtual PulseAnesthesiaMachine::~PulseAnesthesiaMachine ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeExposedModelParameters()

virtual void PulseAnesthesiaMachine::ComputeExposedModelParameters ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in AnesthesiaMachine.

◆ GetScalar()

virtual const SEScalar* PulseAnesthesiaMachine::GetScalar ( const std::string &  name)

Reimplemented from SEAnesthesiaMachine.

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.