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PulseElectroCardioGram Class Referenceabstract

#include <PulsePhysiologySystems.h>

Inherits SEElectroCardioGram, and PulseSystem.

Inherited by ECG.

Public Member Functions

 PulseElectroCardioGram (Logger *logger)
virtual ~PulseElectroCardioGram ()=default
virtual const SEScalarGetScalar (const std::string &name) override
virtual void ComputeExposedModelParameters ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEElectroCardioGram
 SEElectroCardioGram (Logger *logger)
virtual ~SEElectroCardioGram ()
virtual void Clear ()
virtual bool HasLead1ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead1ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead1ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead2ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead2ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead2ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead3ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead3ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead3ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead4ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead4ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead4ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead5ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead5ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead5ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead6ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead6ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead6ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead7ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead7ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead7ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead8ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead8ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead8ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead9ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead9ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead9ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead10ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead10ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead10ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead11ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead11ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead11ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
virtual bool HasLead12ElectricPotential () const
virtual SEScalarElectricPotentialGetLead12ElectricPotential ()
virtual double GetLead12ElectricPotential (const ElectricPotentialUnit &unit) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEEquipment
 SEEquipment (Logger *logger)
virtual ~SEEquipment ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SESystem
 SESystem (Logger *logger)
virtual ~SESystem ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loggable
 Loggable (Logger *logger=nullptr)
 Loggable (std::string const &logfile)
virtual ~Loggable ()
virtual LoggerGetLogger () const
virtual void SetLogger (Logger &logger)
virtual void Debug (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Debug (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Debug (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (const std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Info (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Warning (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Warning (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Warning (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Error (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Error (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Error (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Fatal (std::string const &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Fatal (std::stringstream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
virtual void Fatal (std::ostream &msg, std::string const &origin=empty) const
std::string to_string (int i)
std::string to_string (unsigned int i)
std::string to_string (size_t t)
std::string to_string (float f)
std::string to_string (double d)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SESystem
static const SEScalarGetScalar (const std::string &name, std::vector< SESystem *> *systems)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Loggable
static const std::string empty
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PulseSystem
virtual void Initialize ()
  • Default system values to their homeostatic values
virtual void SetUp ()=0
virtual void AtSteadyState ()=0
 Notify systems that steady state has been achieved. More...
virtual void PreProcess ()=0
virtual void Process (bool solve_and_transport=true)=0
virtual void PostProcess (bool solve_and_transport=true)=0
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEElectroCardioGram
- Protected Attributes inherited from SESystem
std::stringstream m_ss
- Protected Attributes inherited from Loggable
bool myLogger

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PulseElectroCardioGram()

PulseElectroCardioGram::PulseElectroCardioGram ( Logger logger)

◆ ~PulseElectroCardioGram()

virtual PulseElectroCardioGram::~PulseElectroCardioGram ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeExposedModelParameters()

virtual void PulseElectroCardioGram::ComputeExposedModelParameters ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in ECG.

◆ GetScalar()

virtual const SEScalar* PulseElectroCardioGram::GetScalar ( const std::string &  name)

Reimplemented from SEElectroCardioGram.

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.