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Irreversible States
Member BloodChemistry::CheckBloodGasLevels ()

The carbon dioxide partial pressure is greater than 80 mmHg.

Arterial oxygen partial pressure has been critically reduced to below 15 mmHg.

Brain oxygen pressure has been dangerously low for more than 30 minutes.

Heart has not been receiving enough oxygen for more than 40 min.

Member Cardiovascular::CalculateVitalSigns ()
Heart has been in asystole for over 45 min
Member Energy::CalculateVitalSigns ()

State: Core temperature has fallen below 20 degrees Celsius.

State: arterial blood pH has dropped below 6.5.

State: arterial blood pH has increased above 8.5.

Member Respiratory::CalculateVitalSigns ()

Extreme respiratory Acidosis: blood pH below 6.5.

Extreme respiratory Alkalosis: blood pH above 8.5.

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