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1 /* Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
2  See accompanying NOTICE file for details.*/
4 #pragma once
5 CDM_BIND_DECL2(Patient)
7 class CDM_DECL PBPatient
8 {
9 public:
11  static void Load(const CDM_BIND::PatientData& src, SEPatient& dst);
12  static CDM_BIND::PatientData* Unload(const SEPatient& src);
13  static void Serialize(const CDM_BIND::PatientData& src, SEPatient& dst);
14  static void Serialize(const SEPatient& src, CDM_BIND::PatientData& dst);
15  static void Copy(const SEPatient& src, SEPatient& dst);
17  static bool SerializeToString(const SEPatient& src, std::string& output, eSerializationFormat m);
18  static bool SerializeToFile(const SEPatient& src, const std::string& filename);
19  static bool SerializeFromString(const std::string& src, SEPatient& dst, eSerializationFormat m);
20  static bool SerializeFromFile(const std::string& filename, SEPatient& dst);
21 };
Definition: SEPatient.h:12
Definition: PBPatient.h:7

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.