Custom Software Solutions

As the developers behind the Pulse Physiology Engine, you can enhance the platform by leveraging Kitware’s medical R&D team. Whether you are looking to add new features or integrate the software with your existing tools and workflows, Kitware can help.


Kitware provides support to those looking to adapt and integrate Pulse themselves. They offer custom and pre-paid support contracts depending on your requirements. For help choosing which option best fits your needs, contact Kitware’s support team.

Custom Support

You can enhance the Pulse Physiology Engine by leveraging Kitware’s medical R&D team. Confidently leverage our open source platforms knowing that you have access to our talented research and development team. You set the contract ceiling, then use our services when you need them. We’ll invoice you each month for the support services utilized in the previous month. This is our recommended method for custom support. Reach out to us to discuss your team’s unique needs.

Pre-Paid Support

Kitware’s pre-paid support package is available for those who would prefer to buy support that is purchased up-front with a credit card. This product provides custom support services up to a ceiling of $2,500. Those services must be used within one year of purchase. Once you purchase your basic support, a Kitware representative will contact you with information about how to get started. If you’re unsure which support option is best for you, please contact Kitware before purchasing.

Cost: $2500

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Custom Training

Learn how to use the Pulse platform from the experts who helped developed it. Kitware’s training courses offer you the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Pulse through interactive, hands-on lessons. Tailored to your expertise level and your needs, these courses allow both practitioners and software developers to increase their mastery of the Pulse platform. We offer courses at your location, in our offices, and online.

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