1 /* Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
2  See accompanying NOTICE file for details.*/
4 #pragma once
8 // Book keeping class that tracks all the properties and if their convergent state
9 class CDM_DECL SEDynamicStabilizationLedger : public Loggable
10 {
11 public:
12  SEDynamicStabilizationLedger(double timeStep_s, const SEDynamicStabilizationEngineConvergence& convergence);
15  virtual void TestConvergence();
16  virtual bool HasConverged() { return m_converged; }
17  virtual bool HasConvergedOptional() { return m_convergedOptional; }
18  virtual bool HasExceededTime() { return m_exceededTime; }
20 protected:
26  double m_dT_s;
27  double m_totTime_s;// Total time we have been converging
28  double m_covTime_s;// Convergence Window Length
29  double m_minTime_s;// Minimum amount of time to run before testing
30  double m_maxTime_s;// Maximum amount of time to run before we quit
31  double m_passTime_s;
34  const std::vector<SEDynamicStabilizationPropertyConvergence*>& m_properties;
35 };
bool m_converged
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:22
const std::vector< SEDynamicStabilizationPropertyConvergence * > & m_properties
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:34
bool m_exceededTime
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:24
bool m_convergedOptional
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:23
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:9
virtual bool HasConverged()
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:16
virtual bool HasConvergedOptional()
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:17
double m_dT_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:26
Definition: Logger.h:11
double m_totTime_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:27
double m_covTime_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:28
double m_passTime_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:31
double m_maxTime_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:30
virtual bool HasExceededTime()
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:18
bool m_hasOptionalProperties
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:25
double m_optsPassTime_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:32
virtual ~SEDynamicStabilizationLedger()
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:13
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationPropertyConvergence.h:8
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationEngineConvergence.h:9
double m_minTime_s
Definition: SEDynamicStabilizationLedger.h:29

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.