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1 /* Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
2  See accompanying NOTICE file for details.*/
4 #pragma once
5 #include "cdm/patient/actions/SEConsciousRespirationCommand.h"
8 {
9  friend class PBPatientAction;//friend the serialization class
10  friend class SEConsciousRespiration;
11  SEForcedPause(Logger* logger);
12 public:
14  virtual ~SEForcedPause();
16  virtual void Clear(); //clear memory
17  virtual void Copy(const SEForcedPause& src);
19  virtual bool IsValid() const;
20  virtual bool IsActive() const;
22  virtual bool HasPeriod() const;
23  virtual SEScalarTime& GetPeriod();
24  virtual double GetPeriod(const TimeUnit& unit) const;
26  virtual void ToString(std::ostream &str) const;
27 protected:
29 };
virtual void ToString(std::ostream &str) const =0
Definition: Logger.h:66
virtual void Copy(const SEConsciousRespiration &src, bool=false)
Definition: SEConsciousRespiration.cpp:31
Definition: SEConsciousRespiration.h:12
virtual void Clear()
Definition: SEConsciousRespirationCommand.cpp:17
Definition: SEScalarTime.h:7
virtual bool IsValid() const
Definition: SEConsciousRespirationCommand.cpp:22
Definition: SEConsciousRespirationCommand.h:7
Definition: SEForcedPause.h:7
virtual bool IsActive() const
Definition: SEConsciousRespirationCommand.cpp:27
Definition: PBPatientActions.h:46
Definition: SEScalarTime.h:27
SEScalarTime * m_Period
Definition: SEForcedPause.h:28

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.