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1 /* Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
2  See accompanying NOTICE file for details.*/
4 #pragma once
5 #include "cdm/properties/SEScalar.h"
7 class CDM_DECL MassPerAmountUnit : public CCompoundUnit
8 {
9 public:
10  MassPerAmountUnit(const std::string& u) : CCompoundUnit(u) {}
11  virtual ~MassPerAmountUnit() {}
13  // Please use static units below
14  MassPerAmountUnit(const MassPerAmountUnit&) = delete;
17  static bool IsValidUnit(const std::string& unit);
18  static const MassPerAmountUnit& GetCompoundUnit(const std::string& unit);
31 };
33 class CDM_DECL SEScalarMassPerAmount : public SEScalarQuantity<MassPerAmountUnit>
34 {
35 public:
38 };
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:36
MassPerAmountUnit(const std::string &u)
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:10
static const MassPerAmountUnit ug_Per_mol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:27
CCompoundUnit & operator=(const CCompoundUnit &rhs)
Definition: CompoundUnit.h:132
static const MassPerAmountUnit g_Per_ct
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:20
virtual ~SEScalarMassPerAmount()
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:37
Definition: SEScalar.h:206
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:7
virtual ~MassPerAmountUnit()
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:11
static const MassPerAmountUnit kg_Per_mol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:26
static const MassPerAmountUnit ug_Per_ct
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:29
static const MassPerAmountUnit g_Per_mol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:21
static const MassPerAmountUnit pg_Per_ct
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:30
static const MassPerAmountUnit mg_Per_mmol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:25
static const MassPerAmountUnit g_Per_umol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:23
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:33
static const MassPerAmountUnit mg_Per_mol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:24
static const MassPerAmountUnit g_Per_mmol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:22
Definition: CompoundUnit.h:39
static const MassPerAmountUnit ug_Per_mmol
Definition: SEScalarMassPerAmount.h:28

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.