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PBPatient Member List

This is the complete list of members for PBPatient, including all inherited members.

Copy(const SEPatient &src, SEPatient &dst)PBPatientstatic
Load(const CDM_BIND::PatientData &src, SEPatient &dst)PBPatientstatic
Serialize(const CDM_BIND::PatientData &src, SEPatient &dst)PBPatientstatic
Serialize(const SEPatient &src, CDM_BIND::PatientData &dst)PBPatientstatic
SerializeFromFile(const std::string &filename, SEPatient &dst)PBPatientstatic
SerializeFromString(const std::string &src, SEPatient &dst, eSerializationFormat m)PBPatientstatic
SerializeToFile(const SEPatient &src, const std::string &filename)PBPatientstatic
SerializeToString(const SEPatient &src, std::string &output, eSerializationFormat m)PBPatientstatic
Unload(const SEPatient &src)PBPatientstatic

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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