The fraction of how much of the requested exercise the patient is able to achieve. 1.0 means the the patient is performing at the requested level. Nan is the patient is not exercising (no Action)
 The internal body temperature.
 The generation of creatinine in the muscle tissue per.
 The pressure delta that occurs during exercise. Used to modify the baroreceptor set-point.
 The exhaustion level of the body, or inability to perform physical exercise.
 The molar amount of ketones generated in the liver.
 The molar amount of lactate generated on the tissue level from anaerobic metabolism.
 The skin surface temperature.
 Mass of sweat generated per unit time due to elevated core temperature.
 The basal metabolic rate plus additional energy expenditure rates due to activity.
 The current patient work rate above basal over the maximum work rate capable by the patient.

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