PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk Class Reference

#include <PhysiologyEnginePool.h>


class  pimpl

Public Member Functions

 PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk (size_t poolSize=0, const std::string &dataDir="./")
virtual ~PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk ()
bool InitializeEngines (std::string const &engineInitializationList, eSerializationFormat format)
bool RemoveEngine (int id)
bool ProcessActions (std::string const &actions, eSerializationFormat format)
std::string PullRequestedData (eSerializationFormat format)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

An instance of Pulse where the interface is define in stl and base data types. This interface is a thunk layer using serialized cdm objects to drive a Pulse engine.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk()

PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk ( size_t  poolSize = 0,
const std::string &  dataDir = "./" 

◆ ~PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk()

PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::~PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitializeEngines()

bool PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::InitializeEngines ( std::string const &  engineInitializationList,
eSerializationFormat  format 

◆ ProcessActions()

bool PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::ProcessActions ( std::string const &  actions,
eSerializationFormat  format 

◆ PullRequestedData()

std::string PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::PullRequestedData ( eSerializationFormat  format)

◆ RemoveEngine()

bool PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::RemoveEngine ( int  id)

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

pimpl* PhysiologyEnginePoolThunk::data

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.