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SEScalarVolume Class Reference

#include <SEScalarVolume.h>

Inherits SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit >.

Public Member Functions

 SEScalarVolume ()
virtual ~SEScalarVolume ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit >
 SEScalarQuantity ()
virtual ~SEScalarQuantity ()
virtual void Invalidate () override
virtual void ForceInvalidate () override
virtual bool IsValid () const override
virtual bool Set (const SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit > &s)
virtual void Copy (const SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit > &s)
virtual bool Force (const SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit > &s)
double GetValue () const=delete
virtual double GetValue (const VolumeUnit &unit) const
void SetValue (double d)=delete
virtual void SetValue (double d, const VolumeUnit &unit)
void ForceValue (double d)=delete
virtual void ForceValue (double d, const VolumeUnit &unit)
double IncrementValue (double d)=delete
virtual double IncrementValue (double d, const VolumeUnit &unit)
double MultiplyValue (double d)=delete
virtual double MultiplyValue (double d, const VolumeUnit &unit)
virtual bool HasUnit () const
virtual const VolumeUnitGetUnit () const
double Increment (const SEScalar &s)=delete
virtual double Increment (const SEScalarQuantity &s)
double Multiply (const SEScalar &s)=delete
virtual double Multiply (const SEScalarQuantity &s)
bool Equals (const SEScalar &to) const=delete
virtual bool Equals (const SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit > &to) const
virtual std::string ToString () const
virtual void ToString (std::ostream &str) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEUnitScalar
 SEUnitScalar ()
virtual ~SEUnitScalar ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEScalar
 SEScalar ()
virtual ~SEScalar ()
bool Set (const SEScalar &s)
bool Force (const SEScalar &s)
void Copy (const SEScalar &s)
bool IsInfinity () const
bool IsPositive () const
bool IsNegative () const
bool IsZero (double limit=ZERO_APPROX) const
void SetReadOnly (bool b)
bool IsReadOnly () const
double GetValue () const
void SetValue (double d)
void ForceValue (double d)
double Increment (const SEScalar &s)
double IncrementValue (double d)
double Multiply (const SEScalar &s)
double MultiplyValue (double d)
void Average (int cnt)
bool Equals (const SEScalar &to) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEProperty
 SEProperty ()
virtual ~SEProperty ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SEScalar
static double dNaN ()
static bool IsNumber (double d)
static bool IsZero (double value, double limit)
static bool IsValue (double target, double value)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from SEScalar
static unsigned long long int NaN
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit >
bool Set (const SEScalar &s) override
void Copy (const SEScalar &s) override
bool Force (const SEScalar &s) override
virtual double GetValue (const CCompoundUnit &unit) const override
virtual void SetValue (double d, const CCompoundUnit &unit) override
virtual void ForceValue (double d, const CCompoundUnit &unit) override
virtual double IncrementValue (double d, const CCompoundUnit &unit) override
virtual double MultiplyValue (double d, const CCompoundUnit &unit) override
virtual const CCompoundUnitGetCompoundUnit (const std::string &unit) const override
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEScalarQuantity< VolumeUnit >
const VolumeUnitm_unit
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEScalar
double m_value
bool m_isnan =true
bool m_isinf =false
bool m_readOnly =false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SEScalarVolume()

SEScalarVolume::SEScalarVolume ( )

◆ ~SEScalarVolume()

virtual SEScalarVolume::~SEScalarVolume ( )

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.