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#include <SEValidationTarget.h>

Inherits SEDataRequest.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SEValidationTarget ()=default
virtual void Clear () override
eValidationTargetType GetType () const
double GetRangeMin () const
void SetRangeMin (double min)
double GetRangeMax () const
void SetRangeMax (double max)
double GetValue () const
std::vector< double > & GetData ()
double GetError () const
bool ComputeError ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEDataRequest
virtual ~SEDataRequest ()
virtual bool IsValid ()
virtual void Copy (const SEDataRequest &src)
virtual size_t HashCode () const
virtual eDataRequest_Category GetCategory () const
virtual std::string GetActionName () const
virtual void SetActionName (const std::string &name)
virtual bool HasActionName () const
virtual void InvalidateActionName ()
virtual std::string GetCompartmentName () const
virtual void SetCompartmentName (const std::string &name)
virtual bool HasCompartmentName () const
virtual void InvalidateCompartmentName ()
virtual std::string GetSubstanceName () const
virtual void SetSubstanceName (const std::string &name)
virtual bool HasSubstanceName () const
virtual void InvalidateSubstanceName ()
virtual std::string GetPropertyName () const
virtual void SetPropertyName (const std::string &name)
virtual bool HasPropertyName () const
virtual void InvalidatePropertyName ()
virtual std::string GetRequestedUnit () const
virtual void SetRequestedUnit (const std::string &unit)
virtual bool HasRequestedUnit () const
virtual void InvalidateRequestedUnit ()
virtual const CCompoundUnitGetUnit () const
virtual void SetUnit (const CCompoundUnit &unit)
virtual bool HasUnit () const
virtual void InvalidateUnit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEDecimalFormat
 SEDecimalFormat (const SEDecimalFormat *dfault=nullptr)
virtual ~SEDecimalFormat ()
virtual void Set (const SEDecimalFormat &f)
void SetPrecision (std::streamsize p)
std::streamsize GetPrecision ()
void SetNotation (eDecimalFormat_Type n)
eDecimalFormat_Type GetNotation ()
void SetStream (std::ofstream &s)

Protected Member Functions

 SEValidationTarget (const SEValidationTarget &vt)
 SEValidationTarget (eValidationTargetType t, eDataRequest_Category category, const SEDecimalFormat *dfault=nullptr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SEDataRequest
 SEDataRequest (const SEDataRequest &dr)
 SEDataRequest (eDataRequest_Category category, const SEDecimalFormat *dfault=nullptr)

Protected Attributes

eValidationTargetType m_Type
double m_RangeMin =SEScalar::dNaN()
double m_RangeMax =SEScalar::dNaN()
double m_TypeValue =SEScalar::dNaN()
double m_Error =SEScalar::dNaN()
std::vector< double > m_Data
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEDataRequest
eDataRequest_Category m_Category
std::string m_ActionName
std::string m_CompartmentName
std::string m_SubstanceName
std::string m_PropertyName
std::string m_RequestedUnit
const CCompoundUnitm_Unit
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEDecimalFormat
std::streamsize m_Precision
eDecimalFormat_Type m_Notation


class PBEngine
class SEDataRequestManager

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SEValidationTarget() [1/2]

SEValidationTarget::SEValidationTarget ( const SEValidationTarget vt)

◆ SEValidationTarget() [2/2]

SEValidationTarget::SEValidationTarget ( eValidationTargetType  t,
eDataRequest_Category  category,
const SEDecimalFormat dfault = nullptr 

◆ ~SEValidationTarget()

virtual SEValidationTarget::~SEValidationTarget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void SEValidationTarget::Clear ( )

Reimplemented from SEDataRequest.

◆ ComputeError()

bool SEValidationTarget::ComputeError ( )

◆ GetData()

std::vector< double > & SEValidationTarget::GetData ( )

◆ GetError()

double SEValidationTarget::GetError ( ) const

◆ GetRangeMax()

double SEValidationTarget::GetRangeMax ( ) const

◆ GetRangeMin()

double SEValidationTarget::GetRangeMin ( ) const

◆ GetType()

eValidationTargetType SEValidationTarget::GetType ( ) const

◆ GetValue()

double SEValidationTarget::GetValue ( ) const

◆ SetRangeMax()

void SEValidationTarget::SetRangeMax ( double  max)

◆ SetRangeMin()

void SEValidationTarget::SetRangeMin ( double  min)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ PBEngine

friend class PBEngine

◆ SEDataRequestManager

friend class SEDataRequestManager

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Data

std::vector<double> SEValidationTarget::m_Data

◆ m_Error

double SEValidationTarget::m_Error =SEScalar::dNaN()

◆ m_RangeMax

double SEValidationTarget::m_RangeMax =SEScalar::dNaN()

◆ m_RangeMin

double SEValidationTarget::m_RangeMin =SEScalar::dNaN()

◆ m_Type

eValidationTargetType SEValidationTarget::m_Type

◆ m_TypeValue

double SEValidationTarget::m_TypeValue =SEScalar::dNaN()

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.