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#include <SEScalarOsmolarity.h>

Inherits CCompoundUnit.

Public Member Functions

 OsmolarityUnit (const std::string &u)
virtual ~OsmolarityUnit ()
 OsmolarityUnit (const OsmolarityUnit &)=delete
OsmolarityUnitoperator= (const OsmolarityUnit &)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from CCompoundUnit
 CCompoundUnit ()
 CCompoundUnit (const std::string &unitString)
 CCompoundUnit (const CCompoundUnit &src)
virtual ~CCompoundUnit ()
const CUnitDimensionGetDimension () const
const double & GetBigness () const
double GetBias () const
CCompoundUnitoperator= (const CCompoundUnit &rhs)
CCompoundUnitoperator*= (const CCompoundUnit &rhs)
CCompoundUnitoperator/= (const CCompoundUnit &rhs)
CCompoundUnit operator* (const CCompoundUnit &rhs) const
CCompoundUnit operator/ (const CCompoundUnit &rhs) const
CCompoundUnitRaise (CCompoundUnitElement::ExponentType)
bool operator== (const CCompoundUnit &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const CCompoundUnit &rhs) const
bool IsOfType (int quantityTypeID)
bool IsOfType (const std::string &quantityName)
bool IsDimensionless () const
bool IsDecibel () const
bool IsUnitEmpty () const
double GetDecibelLogScaleFactor () const
void DecibelModeOn ()
void DecibelModeOff ()
CCompoundUnitElementAddElement (const CCompoundUnitElement &)
void clear ()
void ParseString (const std::string &unitString)
std::string GetString () const
std::ostream & PrintSelf (std::ostream &output) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsValidUnit (const std::string &unit)
static const OsmolarityUnitGetCompoundUnit (const std::string &unit)

Static Public Attributes

static const OsmolarityUnit Osm_Per_L
static const OsmolarityUnit mOsm_Per_L

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CCompoundUnit
void BuildDimension () const
void ComputeBigness () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OsmolarityUnit() [1/2]

OsmolarityUnit::OsmolarityUnit ( const std::string &  u)

◆ ~OsmolarityUnit()

virtual OsmolarityUnit::~OsmolarityUnit ( )

◆ OsmolarityUnit() [2/2]

OsmolarityUnit::OsmolarityUnit ( const OsmolarityUnit )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCompoundUnit()

const OsmolarityUnit & OsmolarityUnit::GetCompoundUnit ( const std::string &  unit)

◆ IsValidUnit()

bool OsmolarityUnit::IsValidUnit ( const std::string &  unit)

◆ operator=()

OsmolarityUnit& OsmolarityUnit::operator= ( const OsmolarityUnit )

Member Data Documentation

◆ mOsm_Per_L

const OsmolarityUnit OsmolarityUnit::mOsm_Per_L

◆ Osm_Per_L

const OsmolarityUnit OsmolarityUnit::Osm_Per_L

Distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See accompanying NOTICE file for details.